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THE TAME & THE WILD - We Lost More Than A Battle

We Lost More Than A Battle new single release
The Tame and the Wild (nostalgic indie folk) is among the most streamed bands from
Luxembourg (local radios & Spotify). They will drop their next single „We Lost More Than A
Battle“ on 26th February 2021. This song is about accepting the fate of relationships. When
it comes to a end there are always losses on both sides. And even if you’re down and burned
to the ground, you’ll eventually get back on your feet, you just have to follow the light. The
Tame and the Wild lyrics are like polaroids: snippets of real life situations, moments or
feelings, condensed to the lengtht of a song. This is the second of a four-song project called
„We Lost More Than A Battle“.
Written and Performed by The Tame and the Wild
Arranged by The Tame and the Wild & Tom Gatti
Recorded by Tom Gatti & The Tame and Wild
Produced & mastered by Tom Gatti at Unison Studios
Seja Katharina ROCKEL (auteur, compositeur)
Philippe WENGER (auteur, compositeur)
Tom GATTI (auteur, compositeur)